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Diagnostic Laboratory

Founded in December 2017, the Medical Laboratory Department of Shenzhen Samii Medical Center is located on the second floor of the Medical Technology Building, covering an area of about 1000 square meters. The department takes a standardized and IT-powered approach for its overall operations, and is backed up by a well-structured array of specialties. Currently, it has developed into a comprehensive clinical examination and diagnosis laboratory with specialized discipline grouping and personnel echelon, automatic equipment and two-way communication, standardized operation and quality management, and IT- and network-powered process design.
Diagnostic Laboratory has specialized groups of specimen pretreatment, biochemistry, immunity, blood, body fluid, microorganism, molecular biology and so on. There are 18 staff members in the department, all of whom have bachelor's degree or above, including 3 with senior titles and 4 with intermediate titles. The department is still expanding its talent pool. Diagnostic Laboratory is equipped with advanced inspection equipment such as Mindray CAL8000 Blood Analysis Pipeline, Automatic Urine Analysis Pipeline, Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer, Automatic Chemiluminescence Detector, Automatic Enzyme-free Workstation, Automatic Coagulation Analyzer and Automatic Microbiological Identification Instrument. The department will continuously introduce new technologies and conduct new projects to provide solid support for the diagnosis and treatment of clinical diseases, the observation of curative effect and the evaluation of prognosis.
Quality and service are the department's eternal pursuit. In order to guarantee the fairness, accuracy and timeliness of the inspection report and the standardization, thoughtfulness and economy of the service, the department establishes and improves the quality management system strictly in accordance with ISO15189, and strictly implements the standard operating procedures, regularly compares the inspection results from different instruments and calibrates the instruments, so as to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the inspection results and the quality control of the whole process before, during and after the inspection.

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