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The E.N.T. Department has a team of professional physicians, including 1 chief physician, 2 associate chief physicians and 2 resident physicians (4 with master's degree). Relying on the powerful neural specialist platform of the hospital, the E.N.T. Department highlights the development of endonasal skull base surgery, lateral skull base surgery, and will establish sub-specialties such as ear surgery, otology, throat, head and neck, rhinology, and pediatric otolaryngology. E.N.T. will successively carry out middle ear surgeries such as nasal endoscopic surgery, palatopharyngoplasty, laryngeal microsurgery, radical mastoidectomy, and tympanoplasty. E.N.T. will also perform such operations as tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, total or partial laryngectomy and laryngeal functional reconstruction, cervical lymph node dissection, extraction of esophageal foreign bodies, and extraction of tracheobronchial foreign bodies in children.

Equipped with advanced equipment, E.N.T. will introduce electronic nasopharyngoscope system, nasal endoscopes, ear endoscopes, nasal endoscopic surgery instruments, powered ENT systems, prop-up laryngoscopes, ENT examining/treatment tables and power seats, auditory steady state response (ASSR), pure tone audiometers and audiometric test booths, diagnostic middle ear analyzers, tinnitus hearing aids, Allergen test kits, etc.

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