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Medical Imaging

Integrating medicine, teaching and research, the Medical Imaging Department puts an emphasis on talents building and further study. The technical team is composed of more than 20 doctors, masters and bachelors with rich experience and working experience abroad, including 2 persons with senior professional titles and 2 persons with deputy senior professional titles, 4 senior attending doctors and supervisors. The team has solid basic skills and excellent hands-on abilities. Each technical expert has their own research, and all of them have rich experience in image diagnosis of various diseases.
Covering an area of 1500 ㎡, the Medical Imaging Department is equipped with many advanced equipment, including: three sets of DR (one set of Mindray Digital X-ray Machine-DigiEye 680, and two sets of United Imaging Digital X-ray Machine-uDR 558i), one set of Shimadzu Digital Gastrointestinal Machine-SONIALVI SION G4, one set of GE Optima CT680 64-row 128-slice spiral CT, one set of 3.0 T Optical Shuttle Superconductivity Magnetic Resonance-United Imaging uMR780 and one set of Philips UNIQFD20 DSA. There are also three medical laser film printers. Other large and imported equipment are under purchase. The PACS system in the department has been fully applied for digital diagnosis, image management, storage and self-service distribution.
Services provided by Medical Imaging include: conventional DR, conventional CT and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CT angiography (CTA), magnetic resonance angiography (MRA), magnetic resonance hydrography (MRH), magnetic resonance spectrogram (MRS), susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI), automatic analysis of head and neck vessels, dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE) breast MRI, knee cartilage imaging technology, functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI), diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), Dixon techniques for water and fat separation, image stitching of spinal cord MRI images, cardiography and cerebral angiography, and peripheral vascular intervention.
The department lays emphasis on improving the overall quality and cultivation of the medical staff from all aspects by following the advanced management mode in German hospitals, a rigorous study style, a meticulous and practical spirit and a patient-oriented working philosophy. In terms of scientific research, the Medical Imaging Department has cooperated with Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to conduct cerebrovascular plaque analysis and other research; in terms of business operation, it has carried out remote network consultation with domestic first-class Grade A tertiary hospitals in real time, so as to effectively improve the ability for solving difficult imaging cases. The department devotes itself to the building of seven sub-specialties: neuroradiology, abdominal radiography, breast radiography, musculoskeletal radiography, pediatric radiography, chest radiography, and interventional radiology. The Department of Medical Imaging is open to inviting those ambitious talents to join us, to grow together in honing our technical skills and services.

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