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With outpatient services and inpatient services, the Ophthalmology Department of Shenzhen Samii Medical Center has 2 attending physicians, 2 resident physicians, 2 optometrists and 2 ophthalmic technicians and 16 nurses. Among them, there are 3 masters and 21 bachelors. The department is still expanding its talent pool.

Ophthalmology is equipped with world-class diagnosis and treatment equipment, such as Zeiss Humphrey Field Analyzer830 perimeter, Nidek Non-contact Tonometer and Autorefractor, Fuji Non-contact Tonometer, Topcon TRC-NW8F Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera, Topcon Surgery Microscope, ophthalmic A / B ultrasound devices, phoropters, and anterior segment photography. The department boasts an elegant and warm environment. The department's diagnosis and treatment services cover various common diseases and frequently-occurring and difficult diseases in ophthalmology. Examples include cataract, glaucoma, fundus disease, optic nerve disease, ametropia, oblique amblyopia, and eye trauma. The department actively carried out the clinical and basic research of ophthalmology, and hosted the first Guangdong Provincial Seminar on Progress in Neuro-ophthalmology Diagnosis and Treatment in Shenzhen on December 08, 2018.

The department is dedicated to building itself into an ophthalmopathy diagnosis and treatment center that integrates medical treatment, research and teaching in eastern Shenzhen. The department is about to open subspecialties such as neuroophthalmology, vitreoretinal diseases, optometry, cataract, ocular surface diseases, oblique amblyopia, pediatric ophthalmology, glaucoma, eye plastic surgery, lacrimal duct diseases, ocular trauma and orbital diseases, and medical optometry. The Ophthalmology Department will make great efforts to provide diagnosis and treatment plans for difficult ophthalmological diseases, so as to offer the best medical service for patients in eastern Shenzhen and its surrounding areas.

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