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The Department of Pediatrics of Shenzhen Samii Medical Center is a comprehensive department engaged in medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. Now this department has a medical team with cutting-edge medical capabilities, a well-designed structure and vigorous vitality. There are 13 doctors on duty, including 5 with senior professional titles and 4 with deputy senior professional titles. The Department of Pediatrics adheres to the management concept of "patient-oriented", takes "preciseness, pragmatism, benevolence and tenderness" as the discipline, and serves the patients with true feelings. The department possesses first-class medical equipment, beautiful and comfortable wards and environment, which are divided into outpatient service, emergency treatment, child care outpatient service, pediatric ward and newborn ward.

The diagnosis and treatment scope of Pediatrics includes: the diagnosis and treatment of common and frequently-occurring diseases in various systems of Pediatrics, and the treatment of various critical diseases in children such as respiratory failure, heart failure, renal failure, arrhythmia, shock, convulsion, and sepsis, persistent asthma. The department also carries out the diagnosis of allergic purpura, genetic metabolic diseases and other complicated diseases. The department has established outpatient clinics for respiratory specialty, neurodisease, nutrition and development guidance, which can complete the diagnosis and treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma, chronic cough, recurrent respiratory infections, upper airway syndrome and allergic diseases, refractory pneumonia, severe pneumonia and epilepsy in children, and carry out the diagnosis and treatment of encephalopathy, feeding nutrition guidance for premature infants and dysplasia, and other diseases.

The department conducts children health care outpatient service: monitoring of growth and development, assessment and guidance of nutrition and feeding; psychological intelligence assessment and intervention treatment of behavior abnormality; early education, evaluation and treatment of early language development, exercise development assessment and sensory training, hydrotherapy touching, etc. In addition, the department also undertakes teaching and scientific research.

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