Staff Access

Contact Information

Address:No.1 Jinniu West Road, Pingshan District, Shenzhen

Outpatient Hotline:0755-21589986

Hospital Service Hotline: 0755-21589999

Health Maintenance Clinic Hotline: 0755-28299969

Driving Directions

Search for “Shenzhen Samii Medical Center” or the “Shenzhen Samii Medical Center” bus stop (previously called “Wangniugang” bus stop) on your navigation system and follow the route instructions.

Recommended route for drivers: G15 Shenhai Expressway (Kengzi Exit - Lvzi Avenue - Lanzhu East Road - Lvyin North Road - Jinniu West Road)

By Bus

Bus Stop: Shenzhen Samii Medical Center The following bus lines will take you directly to our hospital:

M295/M296/M439/M422/M440/M497/M564/Shenhui Line 3 (Haibin Branch)