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Kick-off Ceremony Held for the Heroes to the Front

In the Chinese New Year of 2020, the sudden epidemic of COVID-19 spread in the land of China, breaking the joy of national celebration and family reunion. A war without smoke of gunpowder was launched, and all walks of life rushed into the smokeless battlefield.
Among them, warriors in white volunteered to fight on the front line. With the medical workers’ benevolent heart for caring for life, they answered the call of duty selflessly, and chose to assume the responsibility fearlessly in harm's way.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, all staff at Shenzhen Samii Medical Center (SSMC) have been well prepared and built the front line of the fight against the epidemic. SSMC responded to the call of Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission in a timely manner, and dispatched three key ICU nurses with sound ideological qualities and strong technical skills to the city’s designated hospital for infectious diseases - the Third People’s Hospital of Shenzhen to support front-line epidemic prevention. They were HUANG Qilong, PAN Chunliu and YE Ziqiang.

On the afternoon of January 31, 2020, a kick-off ceremony was held in the ICU ward of the hospital. Dr. WANG Cheng, CPC Secretary, Mr. RONG Deyi, Chief Financial Officer, Mr. ZHANG Longping, Head of the CPC Affairs Office, and other leaders and medical staff visited the three team members and encouraged their departure.
On behalf of the hospital, Dr. WANG Cheng paid the highest tribute to the three heroes who dared to take the initiative at the critical moment. He said that at the beginning of the Chinese New Year 2020, the country suffered from the epidemic of COVID-19 that was ferocious and had a severe impact. In the process of prevention and treatment, medical workers across the country risked their lives, showing their loyalty to the party, the country, the people and the cause, and Shenzhen was no exception. At this time, SSMC responded to the call, obeyed the arrangements, and sent three comrades to the Third People’s Hospital of Shenzhen to support the ICU nursing work there. This was the glory of SSMC, but the task was also extremely difficult. He hoped that everyone would get familiar with the ICU operations in this epidemic, and take proper personal protective measures to ensure the task is completed successfully without getting injured; get enough rest and establish a balance between work and relaxation, and display the work style and elegant demeanor of SSMC's nursing team; seize this opportunity to learn from the peers of the sister hospital and establish a good cooperative relationship with them; and keep in close contact with the hospital. In case of any requirements, SSMC would make every effort to provide all-around support. All the staff of SSMC would expect the heroes to successfully accomplish the mission and return in full glory.

The leaders presented a bouquet to the three team members on behalf of the medical staff in the hospital and sent everyone's blessings to them.

The three team members said that they would not disgrace the mission, would do their utmost to complete all support tasks, and would never fail to live up to the trust and expectations of the staff of the hospital.
When hurried goodbyes are uttered, we are deeply moved and concerned, but we firmly believe that what we insist on is the commitment to life and the hope for life.
A medical worker cannot refuse the patients' appeals and expectations from the moment when he/she puts on the white suit. We hope that the heroes will return safe and sound, and we will see them in the warm spring.