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Our Heroes, Welcome Home!

Two months ago, they went to the frontlines, and we stood behind them.

Two months later, they return with honor, and we welcome them.


In 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic unexpectedly intruded upon our peaceful lives. Led by the Shenzhen Municipal Government and Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission, Shenzhen Samii International Medical Center (SSIMC) called upon all employees to take up heavy responsibilities and work together to fight the epidemic.
Two months ago, the Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission required that some medical personnel be sent to the Third People's Hospital of Shenzhen for support. SSIMC responded quickly and immediately assigned three key ICU nurses, HUANG Qilong, PAN Chunliu and YE Ziqiang, to support the hospital.
On March 31, 2020, the send-off ceremony for medical personnel heading to the frontlines was held in the Third People's Hospital of Shenzhen. The ceremony was attended by WU Yihuan, Vice Mayor of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government; LIU Ang, Deputy Secretary General of General Office of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government; LUO Lexuan, Director General of Municipal Health Commission; LYU Guanghua, Deputy Director General of Municipal Health Commission; heads of the hospitals under the Commission; and medical personnel supporting the hospital.
At the ceremony, Vice Mayor WU Yihuan read out the personal thank-you letter from CHEN Rugui, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Mayor of Shenzhen Municipality.
The three ICU nurses of SSIMC, HUANG Qilong, PAN Chunliu and YE Ziqiang, were among the persons thanked in the letter.

After the ceremony, WANG Cheng (CPC Secretary of SSIMC), ZHANG Longping (Head of the CPC Affairs Office of SSIMC) and PENG Bo (Senior Nursing Officer of SSIMC) accompanied the three nurses back to SSIMC. RONG Deyi (Chief Financial Officer of SSIMC), LI Weixin (Senior Research & Development Officer of SSIMC), CHEN Min (Senior Medical Officer of SSIMC), LI Qiuming (Deputy Senior Nursing Officer of SSIMC), and other leaders waited in the Outpatient Hall with the relevant medical personnel and family members of the three nurses, to hold a high-profile welcome ceremony for them.

When the three nurses exited the vehicle, the welcoming crowd was jubilant. Their family members and colleagues also rushed forward to welcome and embrace them. The three nurses and many of their colleagues in the welcome group were in tears and their emotions ran high. The crowd erupted in applause to express their deepest respect for the nurses.

To welcome the safe return of the three heroes, Ethan Kholdebarin (Acting Hospital Director of SSIMC), sent a special video from abroad. He said, “You are the best of this family. You joined the frontlines. You made an excellent job providing significant service to our citizens. And all of us, from the leadership of the hospital up to the superior authorities of the city, we are all proud of what you have done.” He also expressed his respect for the three courageous nurses in braving danger and fighting the epidemic at the frontlines.

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HUANG Qilong and his two colleagues shared their experience at the frontlines and what they learned in supporting this battle against COVID-19. Looking back on the details of their experience and touching moments on the frontlines, and feeling the care and support of SSIMC, they were choked up with emotion several times. They said that they would devote themselves to future work with more enthusiasm.
On behalf of the hospital, WANG Cheng extended his warmest welcome to their return. He stressed, when the country was in trouble, they proceeded without hesitation; when the epidemic was raging, they stood out bravely. They have no heroic words but they have taken on the professional responsibilities expected of medical personnel with their actions, and they have embodied the phrase - “angels in white”. They have made important contributions to the battle against the epidemic on behalf of our hospital, and we should learn from them.

Finally, the medical personnel present posed for a group photo with the three heroes.


In this battle against the virus, they are real heroes! We salute our heroes. Welcome home!